Case study #4

“We can take control of our own information and become more efficient.”

Following the success of Unimarket within its New Zealand-based company Lumino, Abano Group extended the software to its Australian network, Maven Dental. As a result, both businesses now benefit from improved contract performance, more efficient procurement and significantly reduced costs.

For distributed businesses like Maven Dental and Lumino, Unimarket makes it possible to have decentralised purchasing with centralised coordination, visibility and control. “E-procurement means we can take control of our own information. Prices are standardised, supplier numbers controlled to drive compliance and we can leverage bulk buying for discounts,” says Simon Priddy, Manager – Procurement and Property.

Abano Group now sees the two businesses as one, with uniformity in procurement across both brands. Centralised procurement also allows for leveraged buying power as a group rather than each practice running separately.

Maven Dental’s experience with Unimarket has been very smooth so far. “As the ease with which procurement can be handled online becomes clearer, all orders tend to gravitate to Unimarket,” Priddy says.

Simon Priddy
Manager – Procurement and Property
Lumino and Maven Dental