Case study #3

“Unimarket has helped us to be more competitive.”

Since implementing Unimarket, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has spearheaded a new and more efficient way of doing business. The result? A 60% reduction in administrative resources and full return on investment within just six months.

“We wanted centralised control, but with decentralised access so our regions can get the products and services they need quickly and easily,” says Tim Allen, NIWA’s Strategic Procurement and Asset Manager. “We also wanted to remove bureaucracy, as everything had to go through a manual approval process.”

NIWA soon achieved the goals it was aiming for. “Where we had poor compliance, with just 20% of invoices having a corresponding purchase order, today it’s 100%,” says Allen. At the same time, the cost of the purchase-to-pay cycle has dropped by around 80%, because less administration resources are needed.

But possibly the biggest benefit of all is a peripheral one. “Unimarket has paved the way for a new self-service way of doing business,” Allen says. “That has helped us to be more competitive.”

Tim Allen
Strategic Procurement and Asset Manager