Case study #2

By working with Unimarket, we are running a better business.

The first organisation to partner with Unimarket, University of Waikato has benefited dramatically from an improved procurement process that has removed paperwork and halved costs.

“The once arduous process of sourcing the goods and services required to keep the university running has been transformed,” says Procurement Manager, Virginia Duncan. “Unimarket has enabled finance to remove 99% of the manual work.” The cost of a transaction has halved – from $70 to $35 – while a 30% reduction in photocopier use saves $78,000 a year.

The university is now focusing on the strategic value Unimarket adds. “With the visibility and efficiency afforded by Unimarket, we’re able to focus on a longer term goal to get more value,” Duncan says. Unimarket is helping by providing smart supplier tagging functionality to help channel spend to preferred suppliers.

“It’s safe to say we are running a better business,” Duncan says. “And that’s a journey which continues.”

Virginia Duncan
Procurement Manager
University of Waikato